Best Messaging App With Full Security

Is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update confusing you?

Recently WhatsApp updated their privacy policy and noted that they will use/collect more user’s personal information.

Read WhatsApp new privacy policy

After new privacy policy update many users migrated to other messaging services like Signal and Telegram.

But, it’s reasonable to stop using WhatsApp for just privacy policy update?

The answer is NO, Not at all.

Even with their new privacy policy changes they still provide same data security as before, so what wrong?

Privacy policy update, Right?

There is nothing wrong, they just upgrading their business strategy to grow batter than before.

You have a privacy issue?

For privacy reason you just uninstalled the WhatsApp and started using some another services but ever wondered,

How Great Is Your Decision?

Very, bed decision for a reason

If you uninstall WhatsApp then, from now you are not going to receive any messages from family or friends group cause not everyone you know is using new messaging service you just installed.

Still Confused?

So, if you still have a privacy issue than minimize your time for WhatsApp and use some alternative messaging services.

After all you have to decide which messaging platform is best and batter for you.

We recommended WhatsApp for Minimum use, Signal for Maximum use, Telegram for optimum use and Discord for normal use.

Use Signal

Use Signal

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 7, 2021

Originally published at on January 13, 2021.




You think you know me, think again :)

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You think you know me, think again :)

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