Google Chrome

Recently on Thursday Google rolled out an emergency update for its Chrome web browser, including fixes for two zero-day vulnerabilities that it says are being actively exploited in the wild.

This vulnerabilities has been tracked as,

This two vulnerabilities has been reported by The internet giant’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) on September 15, 2021, and October 26, 2021, respectively.

Chrome users are advised to update to the latest version (95.0.4638.69) for all platforms Windows, Mac, and Linux

Reference: https://amp.thehackernews.com/thn/2021/10/google-releases-urgent-chrome-update-to.html

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World Internet Day — 29 OCT

World Internet Day was celebrated every year on 29th October, here see some interesting facts about Internet

  • http://info.cern.ch was first webpage went online in 1993
  • Out of 7 Billion people on earth, 3.2 Billion people are online
  • There are 30,000+ websites are hacked every day
  • 5000 domain names are registered every hour world wide
  • The Internet requires 50 Million Horsepower to keep running in the current state
  • Around 80% of the images on the Internet are of naked women
  • Online adult industry makes 3000$ per second
  • 7 people control the Internet and holds 7 different keys

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Did you know?

You are sitting on your chair then you received a WhatsApp call from an unknown mobile number, then you picked up the call for no reason.

Then, the caller cut the call after some time then you didn’t even know who the hell call you.

After some moments you ignored everything and again starts your daily routine

But in this short time attacker tracked your public IP address just by calling you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp vulnerability allows attackers to track your public IP address while calling.

How to prevent it?

  • Don’t use WhatsApp to call
  • Use proxy or VPN
  • Never pick up WhatsApp call from unknown mobile numbers

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New WhatsApp features excepted to launch.

Join WhatsApp Group

Multi-Device Support

Like telegram, users can access the same WhatsApp account to multiple devices.

This feature is great for users working in the helpline or support team.


Finally …..

Instagram Reel on WhatsApp

Facebook is interconnecting their all platforms to give their users more functionalities,


Facebook wants more and more user data to get profits from advertisers.

Zuck sucks 🤣

Audio message speed and disappearing images

Some stupid way to share your funny audio clips with your friends and families

and disappearing images that’s great 🥳

Read later

No, I want to read this chat now 🤣

Ok, so we all know more features more data Facebook will collect.

And privacy ( UHJpdmFjeSBJcyBNeXRo )

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